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 Mr Hartman and Mrs Doris Brekhus actual owners of Gadsden Hotel

Besides a colorful past perhaps most splendid is her architecture. The spaciousmain lobby is majestically set with a solid white Italian marble staircaseand four soaring marble columns. Each capital is decorated in 14K gold leaf-worth $20,000 in 1929.Vaulted stained glass skylightsrun the full length of the lobby.

The building is constructed of structural steel and reinforcedconcrete. 

 The finest materials and fixtures were used, even the plumbingis installed with all copper pipes throughout.

An authentic Tiffany stained glass mural extends forty-two feet across one wall of the massive mezzanine. An impressive oil paintingby Audley Jean Nichols is just below the window.



1915  Race cars in Front of GADSDEN HOTEL

 Circus Parade passing in front of Gadsden Hotel


Gadsden Hotel Before Burns in 1928

Gadsden Hotel Before Burns in 1928 


Gadsden Hotel Before Burns in 1928 

 Gadsden Hotel After Burning in 1928


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